Staging Lane Procedures

Staging Lane Procedures for all Race Classes

The entire staging lane procedure will be changing this season at K.I.D. for all competition classes. New for this season the Sportsman class will be using the regular lanes, and the east side of the track will become a spectator only area.

The new format will be as follows;
1. The lane assignments will stay the same as previously stated in the rules, but the procedure that we use to pair the cars will change.
2. Vehicles will enter the lanes from the back of the lanes and advance to the temporary line put approximately even with the south door at the concession stand; this will be marked with orange traffic cones. Vehicles will be asked to use lanes 2 thru 7 if there are 24 vehicles or less in a class and 2 thru 9 if there are 25 vehicles or more in class.
3. Staging Director will either pull a card or numbered chip; these cards or chips will have the lane numbers on them. The first number pulled will advance to the first even numbered lane(Right) for Super Pro that would be lane two. The second card or chip drawn will go to the left lane in Super/pro that will be 3. Both cars will then pull to the front of the lane (regular lane). This will be enforced you will be asked to take your lane immediately. Failure to do so will result in a DNQ. It is possible for two cars to be pulled out of the same lane, in the case of that happening the first car pulled goes to the right lane the second car pulled goes left.
4. When track is ready, track personnel staging director or water box will pull pair into water boxes. When paired we will be asking drivers to keep the line tight and stay in vehicles and remain ready unless staging personnel ask drivers to exit the vehicle.
5. All classes including junior dragsters and motorcycles will be paired in this fashion.
6. The bye run will be pulled to the front of the first even numbered lane not being used and they will run at the end of the class, if a bye run has to run a competitor they automatically get lane choice. And as always if you earn the bye run you are required to take it unless we are down to 8 cars or less.
7. At 8 cars or less we will still use this technique, that way lane choice is still random just like flipping a coin.
8. Typical lane assignments will be Super Pro 2 and 3, (4 and 5) will be added when we have more than 24 vehicles. Same, (over flow rules) apply to the other classes other than, Juniors and Motorcycles. Lane assignments are stated in general rules. Sportsman will now be in lanes 8 and 9 in west side of staging lanes.

Friday Night and Midnight Drag Race Staging Lane Procedure

1. We will utilize lanes 8 and 9 for the Diva Class when it is being contested.
2. Lane 1 is exclusively for Motorcycles and Junior Dragsters
3. Lanes 2 thru 7 are to be used for Open Time Trials. We will start in lanes 2 and 3 and run out of them until current cars in lanes have all run or cars that have ran in session already have advanced to front of lanes. Or a time limit of 15 minutes. Then we will advance to lanes 4 and 5(Same rules apply), then 6 and 7. Diva’s will be ran at the top of the hour and at the bottom at 00 and 30 in the hour, during eliminations until completion, and ran every hour for time trials.