NHRA West Central Division Memorandum

Up To Date As Of Wednesday, August 24, 2020

  • Track’s will be allowed to have two full teams for 2021 only.
  • Eligible competitors need to be on the 2020 or 2021 points lists.
  • Competitors will have the option of purchasing their race entry and crew passes online from the track’s website or the direct links are listed below. heartlandmotorsports.us
    • There is a small 3rd party admin fee.
    • Racers will be sent a link to complete their tech card online. ALL COMPETITORS MUST COMPLETE THE ONLINE TECH CARD, no paper cards will be given.  ly/D5ETFinals
    • If the competitor will be purchasing at the gate, you will need to provide them the tech card link. ly/D5ETFinals
    • Everyone will still be required to sign the paper waiver at the facility.
  • Racers do not need to print the tech card; the tech card will be automatically sent to the division office. Racer DO need to print the tech card confirmation email.  THIS WILL BE THEIR RUN CARD and will be needed in the lanes to run their car.
  • There will be no bleachers or large congregating on the starting line.
  • There will not be access to Race Control in the tower. Any questions can be texted to me or any member of the Steering Committee.
  • There will not be a track operators/managers meeting. All communication will be thru email or text.  It will be important that I have the name of the track representative and phone number prior to the event.
  • The Saturday Celebration will be in the stands.  Social distancing will be required.
  • We have a random number calculator that will be used to draw the winners for the prizes.
  • Everyone must have a good time!


Attached you will find the blank “Team Roster” – If you choose to fill it in, we will trust your findings; if you do not we will be completing this column and highlight/flagging all expired persons.  Also added you will see “Team Leader” at the top of the sheet, this will help us know who oversees each team, and who we need to contact for changes during the event.

The following couple pages are a few of the key policies to remember in preparation for the ET Finals.

Your Check List:

  1. 09/08/20 – Points List (must be electronic or typed, NO HANDWRITTEN LISTS)
  2. Make sure your racers have filled out the online tech card. They may purchase their entry and crew fee’s online https://bit.ly/2EAwKh9  or http://bit.ly/etfinal2020   for crew passes.
  3. 9/15/20 – Team Roster (use provided excel sheet if at all possible)
  4. Distribute racer information sheets to all team members.
  5. Minor waivers completed for all competitors under the age of 18.
    (one required w/ nhra competition number/license registration & one also may be required at gate entry by hosting facility)
  6. Completed notarized waiver will also be required for any ‘crew person’ 14-17 years old, planning to be in ANY restricted area. – Please have your team prepared.
  7. Bring your team spirit!!

Division Contacts

Phone 816.795.8055 ● Fax 816.795.0515

Division Services Coordinator – cison@nhra.com – cison@nhra.com

Division Tech Director – Bob Blackwell – bblackwell@nhra.com

Division Director – Rob Park – rpark@nhra.com


  1. Top points earning teams the previous season, have priority choice on parking spot for their team.
  2. Allotted parking space is based on team size. The team leader is responsible for positioning the entire team within the space allotted.  (example: if a racer is bringing a truck & trailer plus separate RV, you will need to find a way to fit in your allotted space available or park extra vehicles without taking away from another team’s space)
  3. The parking map cannot be completed and distributed until all team rosters have been received.
  4. For special requests have the team leader contact the division office
  5. Must have current NHRA Membership & ET Competition Number.
  6. Minors must have notarized minor waiver completed by BOTH PARENTS/LEGAL GUARDIANS.


Technical inspection for the NHRA/ Summit Racing ET Finals must be completed online using the provided link.

All participating High School competitors must fill out the online tech card and be certified by the NHRA Certification Team at the event. Competitors must present all relevant safety equipment to tech official.

Tech spot checks will be conducted at the event site also.


Each track may bring two (2) teams consisting of 36 racers. (points will be tracked separately per team) This 36-member team can be a combination of any of the 4 classes.   In addition, each track may bring up to four (4) high school students and their points will also count toward to team total.  The High School competitors may not race in any other category.

Track POINTS LIST (9/8/2020) must be in the West Central Division Office no later than the Tuesday following Labor Day. It must be computer generated or typed.

The actual TEAM ROSTER (9/15/2020) must be in the West Central Division Office no later than the Tuesday before the event is scheduled to begin.  This list must also be computer generated or typed.

Please use attached excel file, Team Roster.  This will make registration go much quicker and easier for everyone.  If you have trouble opening the file please contact Chris at the Division Office ASAP.

Final Team Roster may be amended by no more than 6 changes and these amendments must be finalized by the time registration closes on Thursday, prior to racing on Friday.

Each track is allowed to list two alternates in addition to their 36-member team roster.  The alternates may replace a team member until the start of eliminations for that category.  The alternates are also eligible to enter the gamblers races.

Track penalty for failure to send in points list and team list by the deadline set up by the NHRA West Central Division office, will be $300.00.   The $300.00 will go to the ET account. 


SUPER PRO…………….. 7.00 TO 11.99 (electronics)

Computer, unless OEM stock, and Stutter boxes –PROHIBITED Delay boxes, transbrake, four-wheel line-loc, automated shifter, throttle control and starting line and or “high side” rev limiters permitted. Data Recorders – Permitted.  Lower engine containment device required for all vehicles running 9.99 or quicker.

PRO ET…………………… 9.00 TO 13.99 (no electronics)

Computers, unless OEM stock, Data Recorders, Stutter boxes, Throttle stops and Delay boxes are PROHIBITED.  Transbrake/Dual line-loc’s are allowed as long as the wiring consists of a single continuous wire from the power source to a switch and a single continuous wire from the switch to the transbrake or line-loc.  All Trans-Brake/Line Loc buttons must be NHRA Accepted (List of accepted buttons can be found on NHRA.com) Two step rev limiter – Permitted.  Automated shifters– Permitted.  NO TOW VEHICLES.  Lower engine containment device required for all vehicles running 9.99 or quicker.

SPORTSMAN……………. 11.60 TO 19.99 (no electronics)

Computer (unless OEM), Data Recorders, Delay boxes, Transbrake, automated shifter (unless OEM), Throttle stops and Stutter Boxes PROHIBITED.  Two-wheel line loc’s only are permitted.  Ignition: Single stage, ‘high side’ rev limiter permitted.  Starting line rev limiter prohibited.  Rev limiter or any other rpm limiting devices, legal unto themselves but altered or installed in so as to function as a down-track rpm controller prohibited.  Crank Trigger is PROHIBITED unless OEM Distributor less ignition.  Slicks are permitted, and mufflers are optional.  NO TOW VEHICLES.

SUPER PRO BIKE……… 7.50 TO 14.00 (electronics)

Same rules apply as in Super Pro (Lower engine containment device not required)

HIGH SCHOOL………….. 12.00 and SLOWER (no electronics)

Reserved for full bodied cars with full fenders, hood, grille, top, windshield, and functional doors.  Nitrous prohibited. Foot brake only. NO TOW VEHICLES.


There will be a “Race of Champions” in each category at the ET Finals.  For a track to be eligible, they must have at least five (5) registered participants in the ET Finals.  Each track’s representative will be determined solely by that track.  Car/Bike must be entered in the ET Finals to be able to compete in the Race of Champions.

A Race of Champions will be competed in all 5 categories, including High School.


The High School Bracket will be open to any high school student that currently holds a valid state driver’s license or a NHRA competition license and is currently enrolled or has graduated from high school the previous spring semester preceding the current NHRA/Summit Racing Series ET Finals.  High school competitors will not be allowed to enter any other eliminator.  High school competitors will need to have a permanent NHRA number and a full or an associate membership.  This class will be a foot brake only class and no electronics will be allowed.  High school round wins will count for points in the team championship.  All participating High School competitors must be certified by the NHRA Certification Team at the event. Competitors will present all relevant safety equipment to tech official.

All competitors under the age of 18 must have a notarized minor waiver completed by both parents/guardians on file with the NHRA competition number/license registration.

Also be prepared as the hosting facility may require an additional completed waiver at the gate entry as well.

2021 Bracket Points

Coming Soon!


COLTON WHEELER (5180)3635590855578
PATRICK ROETTO (51)2615568356835
BRYAN WORRELL (W518)2516725575745
JONATHAN WHITLEY (5131)2275557452545
MIKE WINKLE (M515)2153555254555
FRED KAUFMAN (E591)2122525578025
KURT BUTTS (5292)204575535570
CALVIN LEHMAN (L593)203784545350
KRISTEN JONES (525)1954535255535
JARED STEADMAN (X580)1852555352545
CHRIS GRAY (5914)18090454500
STEVE DOCKENS (C554)1353525252525
HEATH EVANS (5635)10502545035
ROCKY RANDALL (U565)800350045
MARTY EVANS (5888)7502525025
ROBBY WINKLE (5303)600253500
MICHAEL MIES (X1295)502525000
BRAD HOGG (H066)45004500

JR Dragster

NameRUNNING TOTALRace #1Race #2Race #3Race #4Race #5
MACKENZIE ROBERTS (556X)2988035688035
CARLI WELCH (5203)2584568554545
KYLE MILLER (5707)2526735352590
DAX RENTERIA (5050)2354545455545
ALEX KARST (5072)2302580453545
KARSON ROBERTS (5459)2295547573535
AIDEN PERES (5279)2102525902545
BROGAN YATES (5088)2074525575525
NEVAEH QUIRING (5724)1955535253545
KRISTAN GRIMM (571)194255705755
TRISTA SHELTON (517)173350253578
ALEAH PERES (5264)14878045025
HAVEN MOBERLY (5811)1154700680
LACHELLE ROBERTS (5077)110025253525
LILY STEADMAN (l513)8502535250
KALE MOBERLY (J778)702500450
TYSON JARVIS (5779)500025025
BRADEN PENINGER (5949)500025250
CORY HOLZMAN (5161)35350000
PRESLEY MOBERLY (5022)25250000
JACOB HOLZMAN (5160)25250000

Jr Street

CARLI WELCH (5203)2646070374750
BROOKLYN STAAB (4232)246585870600
AIDEN PERES (5279)2063747374738
MARYANN SHAFER (1)10825255800

Pro Bike

ERIC SCHLUP (5123)2808060584735
JON HANEY (5077)2675735577048
PATRICK ROETTO (51)2323547802545
PHIL SNARE (5212)220780254770
PHIL YATES (5088)1675725253525
RYAN SCHLUP (5126)1552525353535
JOHN FITZPATRICK (5272)153353535480
ALAN MARTIN (900)14035584700
JAKE MALEY (5129)122037352525
STEVE GOTH (5711)9525353500

Super Pro

MIKE SECREST (578M)391100357878100
STEVE BEENY (5651)2737835258055
KYLE SECREST (5327)2702555902575
COLTON WHEELER (5137)223554535088
ROGER FOX (5672)2173535573555
KARL JONES (513KX)1953535354545
CARSON WHEELER (PX51)1853545453525
CHRIS GRAY (5914)16777355500
JAY BEIGEL (523F)1552525452535
MARK MOORE (5162)14835783500
ALEAH PERES (526P)13745067025
KAYTI GRAY (5918)13565353500
FRED KAUFMAN (E591)1352525253525
JAMES KUNKEL (9)12767350025
PAUL MOORE (5806)9535352500
TERRY COX (5466)502525000
WARREN BLANC (503W)45004500
?? (5250)000000


MARK JOHNSON (568M)412576710010088
MIKE BOWEN (F599)36610068884565
LARRY BARNHART (576L)2674567555545
ROBBY WINKLE (5303)245884567450
CURTIS SPRAYBERRY (181)2204580353525
DUSTIN TURNER (T518)2155545252565
BRIAN SPUNAUGLE (K666)1954535354535
LAWRENCE CLEMENT (L565)1855525552525
FRED KAUFMAN (E591)1853525452555
MASON RANDALL (5511)1654525452525
MATT WESLEY (W588)160454525045
TEDDY NEVINS (306)1552545253525
JIM SHARKEY (L606)1553525253535
FLOYD PARKS (F553)15504565045
MARANDA PATTERSON (194)140552525035
KRISTOPHER SHAFER (46)13725555700
RICH PUTNAM (009)10545253500
KYLIE YATES1000045550
ROCKY RANDALL (U565)700003535
DONALD BILSON (9)600352500
JASON JOBE (11)35035000
TYLER GRAHAM (G570)25000250

Street Bike

JAKE MALEY (5129)2655745256870
JONATHAN WHITLEY (5131)2525735803545
LUD MOUNIVONG (5449)2312547574755
DELANA BENNETT (54)2102535354768
GLENN TODD (5807)2004570253525
STEVE GOTH (5711)1802525258025
RICK HOFFMAN (84)14058047350
JOE SHAFFER (327)1287058000
JESSE WINEGARNER (777)12735573500

Boss Babes

1st Place  Sydney Roeder

2nd Place Amanda Martin

3rd Place Shelby Mount

4th Place Kylie Yates